Aril Brikha - Rising Sun

Resident Advisor pipped us to the post and just um, posted an interview with Aril Brika, a techno producer whose turn of the century work on Derrick May's Transmat label solidified a lot of the importance of melody within electronic music. Appearing at the club on Saturday 12th Feb, Brika just re-released his Deeparture In Time album last year and according to the information presented by RA's Todd Burns in the interview there is plenty more to come from Brikha this year on his own Art of Vengence label...

"A perfectionist in the studio, Brikha has never forced much. When he has writer's block, he simply doesn't make music. That's meant the level of quality has rarely dipped, but it's also meant that there is often a lengthy wait between releases. After the release of his first album, Deeparture in Time, in 2000, it took him three years to follow. Then two more years for another 12-inch. Then a slew of records of 2007. Then silence again. Late last year Brikha returned. Sort of. His new label, which would have begun in 1998 had Derrick May not intervened, put out a remix package of tracks from Deeparture in Time in advance of a double disc reissue of the album itself. There's plenty more on the way in 2011."

You can read the full feature here. And as a promotional treat you can download 'Rising Sun,' a rousing example of Brikha's production and melodic methods here:

Download: Aril Brikha - Rising Sun

Catch him in Room Two on the 12th Feb alongside Joel Mull and Craig Richards.

Saturday 12th February

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