Ben Sims Presents..Mix Mess 2012: A Favourites and Influences Mix Up for fabric

With Ben Simsfrequently being a purveyour of house and techno, something he consistently pushes with his Funk You! radio show or guest podcasts for Drumcode radio, CLR, Electric Deluxe and many more, we thought we’d ask him to put together something a little bit different to mark his next gig here. The bastion of funk driven techno came back to us with this, ‘A Favourites and Influences Mix Up for fabric’. With all the energy of his trademark mechanistic techno style he comes correct with a disco twist. Catch him in Room Two with Craig Richards and Marcel Dettmann on 18th February.

DOWNLOAD: Ben Sims Presents..Mix Mess 2012: A Favourites and Influences Mix Up for fabric


1.Bohannon-Let"s Start The Dance
2.Love Committee-Just As long As I Got You/Rio Edit
3.P.J. Project-Nice N' Fast
4.First Choice-Love Thang/Gay Marvine Edit
5.Carl Craig-The Climax
6.People's Choice-Jam, Jam, Jam/Keep Me Warm Edit
7.Skip Jackson-Micro Wave Boogie/Knoe 1 Dub Edit
8.Mike Dunn-Snare Your Ass Off
9.Farley Jackmaster Funk-The Acid Life/Mark Broom Edit
10.Jimmy Bo Horne-Spank/Special Disco Remix
11.69-Filter King
13.Blake Baxter-Sexuality
14.David Joseph-You Can't Hide/Dj Steef Edit
15.Lil Louis-Original Video Clash
16.Phuture-Spank, Spank
17.Rhythm Is Rhythm-Kaos
18.Ice T, Chris 'The Glove' Taylor + Dave Storrs-Reckless
20.Unknown D.J.-808 Beats
21.Breakout-Planet Rock
22.Big Daddy Kane-Set It Off/Acapella
23.Earth People-Dance/Beats
24.E.S.G.-Moody/Frequency 7 Edit
25.The Clash-Rock The Casbah/Mr.Lee
26.Roxy Music-Love Is The Drug

Saturday 11th February

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