Blackhall & Bookless - fabric x Exit Festival Launch Promo Mix

Chris Blackhall and Chris Bookless are two DJs and producers hailing from the UK. They’ve been extremely tight-knit for a number of years: they DJ together as Blackhall & Bookless, and both run one of the country’s best house and techno parties, Jaunt. Since launching in Newcastle over a decade ago they’ve now got their own Jaunt Records imprint, the main place you’ll hear their taste for deep house and techno aside from watching them play together. We’ve got the chance to witness this first hand this summer, as they’re joining us in Serbia for Exit Festival and at our upcoming launch party on 26th May. This week they sent us an all-new mix ahead of the dates, describing the recording in their own words as “a soulful journey through different fields of techno. Our reflection of Room Two.”

Download: Blackhall & Bookless fabric x Exit Festival Launch Promo Mix

How and where was the mix recorded?

The mix was recorded in our Hackney studio one night last week. The set-up in our studio is a pair of 1210s, CDJ850 and one CDJ2000 and a DJM850 mixer. Our 1210s are awaiting the decks doctors’ service, so we used our good friend Ceri’s pair! They’re pink and star-dusted so it made the experience very colourful, proper Paris Hilton decks! For the recording we used this new bit of kit called an Evermix. You plug it directly from your phone and into the record out on the mixer. The recording then comes up on your iPhone and is easy to export and share. The recording quality is great. It’s better and easier to use than any recorder like Tascam that we have used in the past.

From where did you source the records?

The records were a mixture of vinyl and digital. It’s quite a mixture of classic older techno and artists we’re really into, some of which we have worked with on the label or coming on the label such as Kaelan and Stojche. Most of the records were purchased from quite a wide range of sources: Discogs, Bandcamp, Rough Trade, Juno, etc. We shop quite widely. There’s stuff from some early Markus Suckut EPs and an EP from Nico Awtsventin, AKA Vince Watson. We bought quite a lot of the Nico back catalogue recently; it’s really good fast energetic old school sounding techno, so we pitched it all the way back.

Can you talk about what’s coming up next label-wise for Jaunt?

JR008 drops on 8th June. This one consists of 4 original tracks from us. It’s the first time we’ve put 4 originals out on the label, so we’re really excited to release the tracks we’ve sat on for a while. Following that, this year we have a remix package of the 10-year compilation which we released last year. Some great names are lined up for remixes including Markus Suckut, BNJMN, Jonas Kopp, Stephen Brown & Roberto, Inland, Jasper Wolff and Maarten Mittendorff. We also have a Roberto Bosco aka Woods double vinyl LP planned, which consists of a selection of tracks that were made over the course of 10 years and some that were lost called archived excursions.

You’re also joining us at Exit this summer, do you know much about the festival?

We’ve never been to the festival before but obviously like everyone in the industry we’ve heard great things about it – especially the Dance Arena and No Sleep stage. Videos from the No Sleep stage last year look ace. Can’t wait to get involved in that and even more so that were on the fabric stage takeover!

What are your plans for this summer beyond Exit?

After Exit we will be heading back to Asia. We have another tour lined up with dates in Shanghai, Chengdu and likely Seoul and Tokyo. Heading to Ecuador and Budapest, then moving on from that we will be back with Jaunt events in the UK in Newcastle and London. We also launched another night in London called < Journey Never Stops > which is a place for us to express different styles of music we are really passionate about, we are doing the events at a great new spot called The Glove That Fits. Amongst the heavy summer we are in the process of building a studio in my garden. Our Hackney studio is being demolished for a new development, so we’re going to build a nice sound proofed structure at the bottom of the garden!

Saturday 26th May

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