Boxcutter - FABRICLIVE x Planet Mu Mix

We’ve fully noted this before but there’s always been a lot worth following the Planet Mu label for. As an outfit Mu’s one of the more prominent labels that’s managed to twist and shift and stay ahead of the curvature of modern electronic music, most recently housing work from a torrent of pioneering juke/footwork artists. It’s a trend you can trace much further back though; all through dubstep and the offshoot genres it spawned, Mu was there at the beginning. And the Northern Irish producer, Boxcutter, aka Barry Lynn, is one of the artists whose music helped put them there.

Under his latest guise as The Host, Lynn explored more of the label’s modern palette, toying with the speed and density of juke and footwork to make a self-titled album that balanced his open ear for space and melancholy melody with the consistent nagging energy and rapid-fire percussion of his label mates. So it’s quite fitting that an artist who’s grown and repeatedly experimented alongside his recorded home should be present on the line up for Planet Mu’s first Room Three takeover.

On Friday 12th July, Boxcutter tops a lineup that includes Ital Tek and Konx-Om-Pax alongside sets from the team behind the label and ahead of the event he put together a mixtape that blends a smattering of his own material (both as Boxcutter and as The Host) with tracks from footwork’s original talents RP Boo, DJ Roc, DJ Spinn and DJ Earl alongside Om Unit’s Phillip D Kick experiments, tracks from FaltyDL and more.

Tickets/info here.

Download: Boxcutter – FABRICLIVE x Planet Mu Mix


The Host - High In The Andes
Traxman - Footworkin On Air
The Host - Remote Relations
The Host - Tryptamine Sweep
The Host & Ken And Ryu - Gator Dream
DJ Roc - Break It Down
Atsubox - Feelings Changed (The Host Remix)
RP Boo - Speakers R 4
LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (Philip D Kick Remix)
The Host - Angel Fire
The Host - Daylight Saving
DJ Roc - One Blood
The Host & Kab Driver – Untitled
FaltyDL – Affw
DJ Spinn - Let Me Baby
DJ Taye - I Know Love
The Host - Login Fanfare
DJ Earl - Life In The Clouds (The Host Remix)
Machinedrum And FaltyDL - Give In 2
The Range - Juke Thoughts
The Host - Gno515
Baraka - Nutty Bass
The Host - Tibetan Metastate
DJ Nate - Step In The Circle
DJ Roc - Shot Down
Boxcutter - Foxy (Pam Grier 160 Mix)
Adam F - Circles (Philip D Kick Remix)
FaltyDL - Let Me Tell You Something
Ma2 - Seeing Is Believing
Massacooraman - Ivi Attua
Skeptic – Tear
Amazon Li - Beats Booyaa
Baraka - I’ll Be There
Coleco - Ghost Rhythm


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