Compa shares a fresh batch of deep dubplates

It’s not often that a young producer gets signed to a genre-defining label in the early stages of their career, but that’s exactly how Compa got his break in 2013. Emerging in the wake of dubstep’s supernova moment he was signed to Mala’s Deep Medi Musik imprint at the age of 21, a move that saw him forming close ties with the visionary producer. By now Compa’s regarded as one of the sound’s leading voices, with a slew of bass-drenched releases landing across imprints like Killa Sound, Boka and his own, CPA. As a DJ, he’s equally lauded, recognised foremost for his love of vinyl dubplates. He shows us the same thing on his mix for us, delivered in time for his appearance at Caspa’s Room One showcase next weekend.

Download: Compa FABRICLIVE x Curated by Caspa Promo Mix

Is there a theme to the mix?

No, I just drew dubplates and records directly from my record bag as I would live.

You’ve included a lot of dubplates in the mix, would you say this aligns with something you try to present in your sets each time?

Absolutely. Dubplate culture is at the centre of dubstep music as a whole and has been since the inception of the genre, and it's always been where I put my focus both as a producer and as a producer.

How do you balance playing fresh dubs against acknowledging the foundations of the scene? Where do you stand on the see-saw?

Great question. I've always felt it's important to share classic records, and music by the artists that are behind the genre so-to-speak, but it's equally crucial also to add balance by sharing brand new unreleased music. This is how I approach both DJ sets and mixes.

We saw you post something not that long ago about how Mala is partly to thank for getting helping you get where you are today. Do you remember how you first discovered his music?

Without a doubt. I actually discovered his music literally the day I found dubstep music. I was at a friend’s house to buy some old drum & bass records, and I pulled out Midnight Request Line by Skream, along with Blue Notez by Mala. I wondered what this “slowed-down drum & bass” was and my friend explained that it was this new sound coming out of London called dubstep. That day literally completely changed my life as it took place the same week I began writing music. Who knows what music I'd be making or where I'd be now had I stayed on the drum & bass path without that key discovery?

You’re joining us as part of a huge line-up for dubstep heads. Is there anyone else you’re particularly looking forward to checking out?

What a question. I mean, every artist on the line-up across all three rooms is someone very much worth seeing. But for me personally, I can't wait to see Coki & Sgt. Pokes in Room One, and I also can't wait to see Grooverider’s history set.

Finally what are you up to through the rest of the year?

There's so much happening right now; I'm reading a handful of new records or varying lengths, I'm in talks regarding tours across a handful of countries, so as usual it's all go, and I'd have it no other way. Thank you for the feature, I can’t wait to bring more dubplates to the club next weekend.


Compa – Nalobeke [Dubplate]
Alix Perez – Last Rites [Dubplate]
Compa – Stronghold [Dubplate]
Noclu – Try This Try That [Dubplate]
Compa – Crack Chimes [Artikal Music]
Ishan Sound – Call The Number [Dubplate]
Compa – Hallucinogen [Deep Medi Musik]
Commodo – Dyrge [Black Acre]
Iron Soul – E-Motion [White Label]
Compa – Not A Kick [Deep Medi Musik]
Alix Perez – Deep Six [Dubplate]
Ducker – Blood Run [Dubplate]
Compa – Emergence [Dubplate]

Friday 22nd February

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