Craig Richards shares a raw electro mix

It's been no secret to us that for years Craig Richards has been an authoritative head when it comes to the murky electro under world of off-kilter beats. You can find it dropped in among his other-wordly selections during his regular sessions here in Farringdon but just recently he went all in for a full electro only special set over for our friendly neighbours at Oval Space. Covering the full history of the genre from Kraftwerk through to his own material forthcoming on The Nothing Special (plus a hell of a lot of stuff we can’t identify), it’s a typically inspired set from the master in full flow.

The release of the set is also perfectly timed to champion the direction of his set this coming Saturday night as he is set next to Helena Huff in Room One for another celebration of the Drexciya inspired genre.

Stream: OSM Live 007 - Craig Richards (Electro Set)


Saturday 10th March

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