Cupp Cave - FABRICLIVE x Sonic Router Mix

Playing in the Sonic Router hosted Room Three a week today, Cupp Cave is a Belgian producer who made serious waves in 2012. An alias of Francois Boulanger, Cupp Cave is much more of an avenue for dust draped house and techno music than the other music he's released to date - first pursuing more hip hop beats as Kingfisherg a few years back, his work as Ssaliva is more experimental and wistfully corrosive, a pleasantly abrasive array of ambience and textures - but it's when you think of him as a whole, judging his work as sounds made by one man, that you really start to get astounded.

Around the release of his debut EP as Cupp Cave on Belgian imprint Vlek, Boulanger presented his music as "beautifully renovated throwback music" treading a similar path as the R&S signed producer Lone, who found acclaim updating the intoxicating rave framework for his own purposes. Whilst that comparison gives you a bit of context and moves your expectations more towards the realms of the dancefloor, it's only Cupp Cave's music that really helps to clarify his position. Having proved his worth (to an extent) as a manipulator of sounds further on his subsequent album Retina Waves (released on Ramp Recordings) I guess it’s a similar thing to that Vessel album that came out on Tri Angle, Cupp uses noise as readily as he does piano stabs, coating his productions in decay and these soporific qualities that relax you as he flicks through drum lines.

“When I’m really bored and I feel like nothing’s working I just take a couple of xanax and make really ambient oriented tunes that will be used as sampling material for up tempo tracks;” he told Sonic Router. “I never could keep doing the same thing for too long. I get bored really easily. I’m always trying new things, new softwares, different tempos… On the other hand I realised that I really dig seeing people dance when I play gigs. I guess that’s influenced the way I make music.”

Ahead of the show, here’s the best example we could ever present to you of what his live set will be like: a recorded mix that he made especially for the occasion.

You can catch Cupp Cave in Room Three alongside Peverelist and Joe next Friday on 11th January.

Friday 11th January

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