Cyrus - FABRICLIVE x Chestplate Mix

Cyrus’ tagline on his facebook profile is “I don’t make music to be popular”. And as much as it cements the outsider status that dubstep had in the first instance, it’s kind of ironic for a producer who has helped contribute to one of the key cultural changes in music would say that, But then, even now, with the inflated awareness dubstep has on the radio, he’s actually speaking a measure of truth by saying that. The purist, meditate on bass weight style of dubstep is a fair jump from the 140bpm saccharine, machismo machinery dubstep that’s infiltrated chart music, but that core is still thriving and hitting as hard and physical now as it ever was.

Releasing first as Random Trio and later as Cyrus, the Croydon native brought a stark minimalism to the genre, one that’s perfectly captured on his ‘From The Shadows’ album that was released on Pinch’s Tectonic label. Since then he’s released on labels like Mala’s Deep Medi Muzik, Get Darker and Distance’s Chestplate, for whom he’ll be appearing this Friday in Room Three. Ahead of the event, Cyrus put together this mix that includes a smattering of tracks from producers like J:Kenzo, DJ Madd, LX One and Biome; people who are still working to (re)define the possibilities of bass heavy music that runs at 140bpm. Download it in anticipation of his set here this Friday…

Download: Cyrus - FABRICLIVE x Chestplate Mix


Cyrus - Looking Back
Biome - The Prayer
V.I.V.E.K - Kismet
LX One - On My Own
Cyrus - Rupture
Cyrus & Distance - Rude
DJ Madd - Portal
J:Kenzo - Statement Of Intent
Razor Rekta - Bang Ya Door
DJ Madd - Life You Chose (Distance Remix)
District - Game Of Thrones
Cyrus & Distance - Titan
Tunnidge - Empty Spaces
Kromestar - Mer Sher

Catch Cyrus in Room Three this Friday night for Tunnidge's Brixton Bass EP launch party.

Photo: Ashes57

Friday 28th September

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