Dave Clarke's Festive Podcast

Actually introducing a podcast is always a nice touch, especially when you've got as pleasant and contrasting a tone as Dave Clarke has to his heavy hitting techno selections. When he precedes Low Jack's taught 'LJ's Jam' at the top of this very special Christmas holiday session, not only is he adding a very British tonality to the selection, he's making you realise there's a man behind the selections, blends and string pulling.

Appearing in Room Two on NYE alongside Robert Hood, who is presenting his Floorplan live show, and Joseph Capriati, the White Noise Radio Show host, Clarke, is rounding off another sterling year of playing and producing techno and decided to drop this bracing 76 and a half minute long mix on us in anticipation... and honestly, it's amazing.

Download: Dave Clarke's Festive Podcast


Low Jack - LJ's Jam
Marco Bernardi - Dibadabi (Clatterbox Remix)
Raudive - Romantic Robot
Quinto - Inner Focus // Original Mix
Frag Maddin - Till Ill
Reptile Youth - Be My Yoko Ono (Francis Harris & Gry Remix)
Mr Bit - Time to learnrn
Caretta and WorkerPoor - Subtle Knife feat. Louisahhh
Hashback Hashish - Bruce Banner
Mazzula - Photons (Pip Williams Remix)
Sir Real - Lunasa
Mazzula - Seems Unique
T15DM - Internal dialogue
T15DM - MacReady's tape
AVM - Flesh Riot
D Knox feat. Science Fiction All Stars - Night in Warsaw
Mayk - Tabula Rasa (Original Mix)_16Bits

Catch Dave in Room Two on NYE. Advance tickets and further info here.

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