Diego Krause celebrates three years of EWax

Diego Krause joins EWax’s third-anniversary celebrations next Sunday. Over the last few years the Berlin artist has honed a sound borrowing from slinky deep house, classic garage and sharp tech house – mostly through his own label Unison Wax, but his work has also appeared through respected European arms like Apollonia and Rawax. It’s a style EWax has also long pushed through its own tight-knit roster and party series. As Krause makes his first Farringdon appearance with thecrew next weekend, he sent us a mix pulling together the type of bouncy house cuts we’ve come to love him for in recent years.

Download: Diego Krause Sundays at fabric Promo Mix

So what have you been up to recently?

I’ve locked myself in the studio for the past couple of weeks. Some new additions to my set-up have really revitalized my workflow and I’m super excited for the upcoming EPs that resulted from that. I have two releases coming out on Mulen Records and Eastenderz after the summer.

Did you have a theme in mind for the mix?

I was aiming for a kind of after hours vibe in the first half hour, and then wanted to bring it back to some more clubby tracks. But the whole mix has a somewhat dark and moody tone to it that represents my favourite kind of sets in the early morning hours.My home mixes are pretty similar to my ones in the club, I like to keep the drive going while trying to set a certain mood and arc of suspense.

Where did you source the records from?

There are some evergreens in there that I’ve been playing a lot over the years, in addition to some records that I’ve bought especially for this mix. I pretty much use all sources available when digging. Sometimes I start on YouTube, going through playlists or browsing the news on sites like Decks and Hardwax. I love buying stuff on Discogs as well, or stopping by my favourite record shop, Spacehall. I also buy digital stuff on Bandcamp, or get it from some promo services.

People are talking about how the scene in Berlin is changing currently, especially with clubs like ://about blank threatened with closure due to the proposed autobahn construction. What do you make of the scene right now as a local?

It’s always a shame when that happens. Big investors and replanning are always a big threat to the culture. In general the rents are going up like crazy, and it’s sad to see some people getting thrown out of their homes as a result. But there is a big pushback and movement in the community, which gives at least some hope for change in the right direction.

This is your first time playing with us – have you ever visited the club before? What’s the main thing you’ve heard or are expecting?

It will be my first visit as well. I’m really excited and honoured as this club is such an institution in the scene. Everyone has told me about the amazing sound system and DJ booth.

Finally what else are you up to at the moment?

I am moving to Paris after the summer and I’m working on a new label project. But there’s nothing official to share yet. Also there are some upcoming collaborations that I’m really excited about. Finally, I've just released my new Bring The Noise EP via Unison Wax.

Sunday 28th July

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