DJ Hype - FABRICLIVE x Playaz Mix (June 2013)

We're lucky enough to be in the privileged position where we can badger people like Playaz boss and KISS FM's drum & bass show host, DJ Hype, into doing things for us. It's a pretty rewarding perk of the job in all honesty, discussing plans with someone with as much experience and pull within his field, and after a couple conversations of this type, Hype kindly agreed to begin recording a monthly mix series that we'll be hosting on our website in promotion of his label's monthly residency in Room One on the last Friday of every month.

Catch Hype and his partner in Playaz, Pascal, in Room One on Friday 28th June with guests Hazard, The Upbeats, Sigma, Original Sin, Taxman and Potential Badboy.

Download: DJ Hype - FABRICLIVE x Playaz Mix (June 2013)

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