DJ Marky delivers a shot of colourful rollers

Marky is famously proud of his Brazilian roots, but even without knowing his background you could likely get some idea from the style of drum & bass he plays. Somehow his sound has always channelled the sun of his native South America both in the records he plays and the gems he’s signed to his label Innerground.

There are a number of other traits that have made Marky’s sets so distinctive, from his infectious charisma, to his inexplicable scratching skills. He’s demonstrated this time and again in Farringdon, with his long-running Marky & Friends night among one of FABRICLIVE’s best-loved residencies.

This Friday we’re pleased to welcome Marky back after a whole two years, and to mark the occasion we got hold of him for a one-off mix and interview ahead of the weekend. He delivered a mix of typically breezy rollers and told us what we can expect from his extended 2-hour set in just a few days’ time.

Download: DJ Marky FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

What was the main idea in mind behind this mix?

This mix is a good sample of what I've been playing, listening and producing in the past year. You can hear some brand new tunes from Marcus Intalex, Calibre, Carlito & Addiction, Break, Saikon, Halogenix, Makoto, L Side and many more. I only play music that I’m truly passionate about.

What’s exciting you most about drum & bass in 2018?

There are a number of really good producers on my radar. The genre is alive and creative as it should be, and the festivals are crowded and fun. It's definitely a refreshing moment for drum & bass.

It’s been over two years since you last played FABRICLIVE – what do you have planned for your return?

I'm preparing a two hour set with a lot of new releases. From me there’s Changing Moods with Lorna King, my remix of Ram Trilogy’s Huggy Bear, and many more surprises from the Innerground camp.

We’re really enjoying the new Saikon release on Innerground – are there any more treats lined up on the label for the rest of the year?

Innerground has been an awesome platform to support artists that I believe. I’m always searching for new music and we’ve had some really good ones over the last year, like the Danish producer 2N. Fooling Yourself is one of my favourite tracks of 2017, and we definitely have more treats prepared for 2018!

Do you have any cherished moments that stick out from the club in the past?

It’s really difficult to choose only one moment. What can I say as a resident of the best club in the world for eight years? I feel privileged to be part of the history of this club that is, in fact, the true TEMPLE of underground music.


Rollerblade – Break
Reassurance – Saikon
On The Other Side – Carlito & Addiction
Moonshine – LSB
Love Break – DJ Marky
Who Am I? – Kasper & Satl
Revelations (Blade Reboot) – Tango & Fallout
Walking – Calibre
Parallax – Surreal & Lowr
Ninety One – Marcus Intalex
Unstable – Philth & Wreckless
Love Dump (Optical Remix) – Static X
Reset – Halogenix
True Love – Oliver Ferrer
Fancy Free – Makoto
Changing Moods – DJ Marky Feat. Lorna King
Delusions – Tyke & Prestige
Untitled Feat. Cat Knight – DJ Marky & Tyke
Night Prowler Feat. Inja – L Side
Concealing Treachery – Krust
Side By Side – Spirit
Betrayal Feat. Quadrant & Iris – Collette Warren
Huggy Bear (DJ Marky Remix) – Ram Trilogy
Sharks – Shimon & Benny L
Positive Vibes – Danee B

Mixed with love by DJ Marky

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