Download an unreleased track from Romanian talent Cosmjn

Cosmjn is a young producer and DJ tied to Romania’s fervent electronic music scene. His music has been released on labels like Subtil and Eastenderz, sitting somewhere between the type of minimal techno and tech house that the [a:rpia:r] trio famously championed.

Cosmjn recently signed to the Sunrise roster alongside the likes of Raresh, Vlad Caia and Praslea – as good a gig as any Romanian artist on the rise can hope for. Behind the decks he’s frequently found playing with Lizz, another young Romanian signed by East End Dubs, where they typically play extended sets built on groove and subtlety.

He plays at Arupa’s showcase at WYS! this Sunday, so he offered unreleased cut Soft Side as a free download to accompany an interview with Carlos Ryan.

Download: Free Download: Soft Side - Cosmjn [Unreleased]

First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us. How are things?

Hey there! No worries, thank you too! Everything is well here, I’ve just had some free time because it was Easter in Romania last weekend. Now I’m going back to focusing on music, production and preparing my stuff for the next weekends and gigs.

Let’s talk a little bit about your past, your journey so far, and how you first discovered electronic music?

My first contact with electronic music was hearing some commercial electronic stuff around the beginning of 2008, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Later that year, I discovered an underground Romanian station. They were broadcasting some minimal sets, and I was impressed with the new sounds I hadn’t heard before from my first listen. I kept digging and discovered drum & bass and dubstep, but didn’t spend much time listening to either. Later on I discovered classic house music, and all its sub-genres. I fell in love with it immediately. I kept digging, and truly believed it would be the only music that would make me happy. Of course I now listen to other genres like jazz, ambient, experimental, and occasionally old school stuff from the 80s or 90s – usually I’m open to any genre. For me, everything about music in general is a pure passion.

You recently played in London with your partner in crime Lizz, how did you find the set and the London scene in general?

Every set with Lizz is special. We are very good friends, and we have a good chemistry when we play together. We always surprise ourselves. The party we played was cool, the location and the people were really nice. I’ve played in London a few times now, and I’ve enjoyed it every time. People are friendly, cool and receptive to music and I like that. Playing at fabric is a huge honour for me… I honestly never thought I’d be able to play in such a legendary club where so many big artists have played, so I’m really looking forward to this party.

How will you prepare for your set this weekend?

I never prepare my set from home. I always go with the flow, connect with the crowd, get a feeling of what they like, and also what I like and feel works. My set is always different, I try to be creative and varied in the music I play. Every time I play I want to surprise the crowd, and myself.

Sunday 15th April

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