Efdemin - fabric Promo Mix

Phillip Sollmann’s production alias Efdemin first emerged on the celebrated deep house imprint Dial Recordings back in 2001 when he featured on the label’s ‘Hamburgeins’ series of twelves - curated to showcase the talents of the imprint’s home city. It wasn’t for another 6 years that Efdemin’s self titled debut album was released; garnering a rapturous reception from critics. Support was already strong from the ensuing year’s output though, ‘Lohn & Brot’ and ‘Acid Bells’ were tracks that actually premiered outside of Dial on liebe*detail and Curle, strategically building suspense for the first long player when it hit the shelves in 2007.

As a graduate of the Institute for Computer Music in Vienna there is an analytical slant in Sollmann’s production that shone through on this debut and through combining synthesizers with field recordings his early releases saw him develop a sound that was based on Berlin’s minimal industrial tones but was full of melody; built with discordant harmonies and bleeping bells. Overall his sound was edgy and distinct, exhibiting a certain darkness alongside its house based flavour.

Fast forward to 2010 and he hit the spot again with ‘Chicago’. An album directly inspired by the windy city, it saw a softening of the sound embarked on in ‘Efdemin’. It took many different inspirations from the city but could not be accused of replicating the records that came from within it. Instead, as Gridface put it, “Efdemin’s main achievement in ‘Chicago’ is to blend beat-driven tracks with jazzy uptempos, creating an organic soundscape that is both avant-garde and functional, just like a Mies van der Rohe building.” To get more of a picture of this idea the blog also refers to this video made to a track that succinctly captures this feeling which I feel should also be included here to give you the full picture:

Now, in 2012, there’s been a dead silence in the studio output of the Berlin based Hamburgein but his DJ schedule has by no means suffered and in the absence of recorded material we are primed to welcome him to Farringdon next Saturday. He’ll be joining a beastly lineup that’s already replete with Skudge (LIVE), Delta Funktionen and Paul Woolford in Room Two and ahead of the appearance he went some way to fill the gap by providing this promo mix.

DOWNLOAD: Efdemin fabric Promo Mix

Photograph by Sven Marquardt

Friday 21st January

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