Emperor - FABRICLIVE x Critical Sound Mix

It’s a lot like Joj Sharrett of Data Transmission says in the interview just published last week; Kasra’s Critical label seems to thrive off bringing new talent through its ranks. The latest producer who’s getting the benefit of their systems is Emperor, an 18 year old from Halifax. He’s actually yet to release any music on the label (though his track ‘Network’ is due out on Symmetry soon and it would appear he’s got a Modulations release - Critical’s 10” imprint - pencilled in the near future), and his upcoming set at the launch party of FABRICLIVE 62 will reportedly be his first in a club.

“How crazy is that!?” says Kasra, during his conversation with DT. “A baptism of fire! He’s eighteen and fearless, he’ll smash it.”

With that in mind Emperor went and put together a mix that features a high hit rate of his own music. It serves as a great insight into his own productions and the kind of stuff that’s made Kasra excited so about working with him.

Download: Emperor - FABRICLIVE x Critical Sound Mix


1. Emperor – Avenger [TITAN IMPACT]
2. Emperor – Tension [MODULATIONS]
3. Emperor – Warface [AMMUNITION]
4. Emperor – Shadow [TITAN DUB]
5. Noisia & Alix Perez – Loose Ends [SHOGUN]
6. Ulterior Motive feat. Codebreaker – It’s On [SUBTITLES]
7. Emperor – Network [SYMMETRY]
8. Emperor – Contaminant [DUB]
9. Centra – Vault [DUB]
10. Noisia – Diplodocus [QUARANTINE]
11. Spor – Clarets March [LIFTED]
12. Break – Submerged (Calyx & Teebee Remix) [SUBTITLES]
13. Optiv & BTK – Backlash [VIRUS]
14. Emperor – Time to Play [TITAN IMPACT]
15. Bad Company – Bullet Time (Spor Remix) [Bad Taste]
16. Centra – Fever [DUB]
17. Emperor – Crusades [DUB]

Catch Emperor in Room Two for the launch of FABRICLIVE 62: Kasra on Friday 16th March.

Friday 16th March

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