Fabrizio Maurizi WYS! Promo Mix

Here we have the icing on the cake of promo mixes for WetYourSelf’s New Years day fancy dress spectacular from revered M_nus DJ and producer Fabrizio Maurizi. Fabrizio’s path began in Bologna, in the city’s unique club and illegal party scene which fast escalated to residencies around the rest of Italy. When he took his love for music to the next level in his own production, Fabrizio soon earned himself a place on the M_nus roster thanks to his thoughtful dark bass tones and idiosyncratic vocals it's this stand out sound has established Fabrizio in his own imposing position in the world of minimal techno. You can hear just why in this throbbing mix as we gear up for the first WYS! of the New Year where he’ll be sharing Room One with Alex Under & Ramset, Martinez and WYS! residents Jacob Husley, Peter Pixzel and Cormac. The guys went at Fabrizio from all angles in this interview to discuss what he has in store for this next event, the future year and his most inspiring musical influences.

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We absolutely loved you set last time you visited the club, what in terms of music have you planned for us this time around?

Firstly I want to say thank you for my first appearance at WYS!, it was a great night!
fabric is a one the best clubs in the world, and WYS! is an awesome and special night, so naturally I do give some forethought to my set, not prepared as such, but ready. When you start your performance everything can change because the mood and the relationship with the people in that particular moment in that particular place is something impossible to plan.

Our NYD party has an Alice In Wonderland Vs Star Wars theme, what are you dressing up as?

The Mad Hatter is my favourite...

You will be DJing with Traktor? Explain how your DJing has changed since going from analogue to digital. What are the benefits?

In my humble opinion, the feeling is absolutely the same, the love is the same, the passion is the same. I remember going to the club with a record bag and now I go with a laptop and some devices: that's the difference! Though, there are some things that now I can do with Traktor and turntables that i couldn't do before just with records, there are loop and effects that allow me to create different mixtures and also dramatic points in my set but I still always try to respect the original soul of the track I'm playing. Another point is that I can't abandon the turntables, I just can't...I can't get in the mood without them. That's probably why from analogue to digital was not a big change for me.... turntables are the "liason".

Tell us a little about your production. What is the master plan for 2011? Anything set in stone that we can look forward to?

I’m taking a little break right now in order to clean my mind and to collect my thoughts. I released my mini-album on m_nus a couple of month ago, I just finished a remix for Mean rec that is out now and I delivered a remix to the Princess Ellen Allien for BPC (pretty proud of it!)...There’s also a Plastikman remix and a free track for Burn Studios. At the moment I'm trying something different in the studio, but with no rush or plan, something more romantic and organic. So we'll see what that brings. Another wish for 2011 is to do some music with friends I have around the world..I’ve never one this before, and it's bit strange for a techno producer.

How do you name your tracks?

Its a Secret!!...Joking aside, I just try to find a name that sounds lovely to me before start a track, then, if it fits with the track, OK, if not then I work on the name considering some particular sounds or voices of the track.

Whats it like working with M_nus?

It is a incomparable experience and opportunity that I have to deserve day by day.

Looking back at 2010, what was your favourite place to play and party?

ADE was great this year and I love Club 178 (it's an amazing small club in Sanremo-Italy)

You began DJing in Bologna, what skills do you think you pick up playing to an Italian crowd? How does it compare to the rest of the world?

Well, Bologna is a bit different from the rest of Italy it has always been musically forward, because of the university it is a melting pot of artists and inspired young people. In general terms I wouldn't compare Italy to the rest of the world, there are some awesome clubs and parties like in other countries, but some not so great parties too.

Do you remember you first ever DJ gig? When, where and how was it?

Yep! Absolutely. It was in Bologna, in a club called Cassero (it's still the best club in town). It was a great night, and when I finished my set I was immediately invited to play at one of the best after hours parties (it became legendary) near Bologna...everything started from there...

What is you favourite chill out album at the moment?

Actually I don't have a favourite chill out album, but if I really want to chill at the moment I listen to A Tribe Called Quest. Their hip hop is so beautiful, organic, minimalistic and warm at the same time, really inspiring.

What music/bands did you grow up listening to?

Orb, Orbital, Kraftwerk, Leftfield, Chemical Brothers, Sphongle, The Police, Madonna, Rage Against The Machine, Bjork, Keith Jarret, Jonh Coltrane, Jean Michelle Jarre, Shirley Bassey, Public Enemy, Dr. Dre and all his crew, Erikah Badu, Cypress Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, Tupac, Pink Floyd, Massive Attack.

Who and what shaped you musically?

I fell in love with dance music pretty quickly, so I can surely say that techno music shaped me the most and from the beginning of the 90's I studied in depth. It's necessary to start from the roots to then understand all the different variations. Even psychadelic trance gave me a lot of ideas and tips in the past, the use of sudden sounds, the hypnosis of loops in the terms of psychoacoustics and a certain use of synths in an extra-terrestrial way. Then, my first contact with minimal techno was love at first sight with the typical sounds of first generation techno that got stripped down to the bone and could co-habit with rythmic patterns in glitch form.When you put all of this together you would obtain that typical trippy and mental form of minimal techno. Needless to say that the work of Plastikman left its’ mark and opened new frontiers.

I can also not forget about the 10 years i studied classical piano, which influences the stature of my tracks. Also my still ongoing love for hip hop and jazz always brings me back to funky and melancholic atmosphere's. In any case, each and every different form of art can influence me, but I think this counts for all of us, especially visual arts and modern architecture; it's hard to experience a great piece of art and not have the immediate necessity to translate it into music.

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There’s no tracklist for this mix.

Saturday 1st January

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