FD shares a fierce D&B mix for Sun and Bass

Freddie Dixon makes the type of drum & bass you immediately associate with golden beaches and sunsets. Since 2010 he’s been quietly putting out crisp rollers on labels like Spearhead, C.I.A and Sun and Bass – flag-bearers for the best of today’s so-called ‘liquid’ sound. It should come as no surprise that Dixon has formed close ties with the Sun and Bass crew over the years. The Sardinian drum & bass festival is widely regarded as a mecca for hearing sun-kissed heaters at 170BPM, attracting thousands of dedicated heads looking to dance to the scene’s best in a glorious setting. While Dixon’s probably best known for championing this sunny style, there’s also a darker edge to his sound, something he shows clearly on his mix for us ahead of this Friday’s Sun and Bass takeover. Crossing uplifting piano-laden tunes via fierce snares and grumbling basslines, here he captures the two polar ends of his musical palette.

Download: FD FABRICLIVE x Sun and Bass Promo Mix

Where was the mix recorded?

The mix was recorded in a snowy Zurich, at my studio just after New Year.

Is there a theme to the mix?

There’s not a theme as such, but I definitely had an idea of what kind of vibe I wanted the mix to start with, and after a few different efforts, I'm happy with what i came up with.

You’re playing with us as part of Sun and Bass, can you talk about your connection to the brand and festival?

I first met the crew at the start of 2011 in Berlin. We became friends, and after a while I started to become more involved with the festival, and more recently I've been producing music for the label, SUNANDBASS Recordings.

Finally what are you up to through the rest of 2019?

I'll be busy making more music, and I have a big project that will see the light of day soon!

Friday 25th January

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