Fish & Sherry S FABRICLIVE x Tumble Audio Promo Mix

Coming directly from bass fuelled musical world of Bristol, Fish & Sherry S have been pulling together the colourful mash of sounds from of their home town’s scene in their lewd, rave-ready sets. The pair have just finished a triumphant season of festival dates where they have been securing their place in the soul of the UK’s underground network, earning new fans across Bangface, Shambala and Beat Herder with their upbeat energy.

It kind of fits perfectly into the world that Tumble Audio are creating too - off-beat and up for it party music with an edge and so the pair set for their Farringdon debut as part of the label’s takeover on 14th September. There’s a vibe that is grabbing from the off here in their exclusively recorded selection - dextrous in the mix their sound is anything but linear and is of course jammed with their own weighty and wobble powered productions.

Download: Fish & Sherry S FABRICLIVE x Tumble Audio Promo Mix


Friday 14th September

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