Fur Coat fabric Promo Mix

Sergio Munoz and Israel Sunshine's combined talent under their Fur Coat moniker was first spotted by the keen A&R ear of Damian Lazarus, who signed their debut EP Space Ballad to his east London imprint Crosstown Rebels back in 2010. Specialising in creating dark and immersive atmospheres, the duo deploy weirded out vocals amidst deep and rolling grooves in their aesthetic, weaving compelling journeys for their listeners in their productions and DJ sets.

In addition to impressing on Lazarus they also have caught the attention of Last Night on Earth boss Sasha who in his latest Cornerstone Tracks interview with us talked up their sound to new heights saying of the duo "They’re just making really great dancefloor records at the moment; the perfect records for the middle of your set that can really take the roof off the club. They are really focussing on those peak-time records and they’re doing a very good job." As far as endorsements go they couldn't really get better than these words from a figurehead such as Sasha, and as the pair prepare to come to our Room One space this Saturday night we are amped to present an exclusive new mix showcasing perfectly the sound they are tipped so highly for.

Download: Fur Coat fabric Promo Mix


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