GW Harrison introduces his bouncy house stamp

We’re now on the home straight to this Friday, where GW Harrison, Mat.Joe and Amine Edge & DANCE will all be debuting with us in Room One. We’re particularly excited to welcome Harrison, who brings the style of bouncy house that’s defined his gargantuan London residency, ABODE. He showed us his flair for fully-primed, dancefloor house in an exclusive mix for us, giving an idea of what we can expect to hear this coming weekend.

Download: GW Harrison Forms Promo Mix

Did you have a theme in mind for the mix?

I just wanted to express my sound and the music I love. I often play peak time, large room venues but this mix allowed me to select from low to high energy, uplifting music. I also included two brand new tracks of mine.

Where do you typically find most of the music you play?

I'm lucky enough to be sent a lot of exclusives, but that doesn't mean I don't hunt for hours – mostly on Beatport.

You describe yourself as a DJ rather than a producer – do you feel like there’s a lot of pressure on DJs to produce to get bookings?

I love playing to a crowd both big and small as I buzz off the energy on the dancefloor. I find the production side very secluded but enjoy the process (when things go right, that is). I think the pressure of needing to back yourself up with your own productions as a current DJ is a real thing, but I never see it as a negative pressure. It’s more of a reminder to actually finish tracks. You find a lot of major shows and labels always ask what your music release schedule is looking like, and to them this increases your value as an artist. It’s a shame that this is the modern way but we can moan about it or go with it and reach the goals you thought were impossible by pairing DJing and producing.

You’ve previously spoken about the influence your dad had on you – do you remember any records you discovered early on through him at all?

My dad was big into the illegal rave scene. His music leaned towards the piano style house rather than the acid side of things, which he would play most days – even at the Christmas dinner table! I remember Frankie Knuckles’ Tears being played a lot. It stuck in my mind and I really think that influenced some of my new productions that are coming out later on this year.

Most people know you best for your ties to ABODE – can you describe how you first connected with the crew?

Prior to having the DJ schedule I do now, I was a full-time graphic designer for a lot of major events in the UK. I created the logo and the initial concepts for ABODE. To this day I still have a creative lead on the brand's artwork. So from becoming close with the guys, I was given the chance to play the second event at Studio 338. I came off the decks and was asked to be a resident!

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

This weekend I head out to Gozo and Malta for 4 days to play at ABODE on the Rock festival, then it’s on to our opening party at Amnesia. I will be back and forth to Ibiza as we recently announced ABODE Thursday on Amnesia’s famous terrace.

Friday 15th June

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