Hear Benton's rave-influenced mix for Good Life

Benjamin Benton is a bass and dubstep producer based in London. Cutting his teeth in production in the late 2000s, he took an early inspiration from darlings of the ‘post-dubstep’ era like Burial and Autonomic, although that’s not something you’ll immediately hear in his music. Throughout his career his records have taken in everything from dark, wobbly bass to vintage breakbeats – styles now synonymous with London’s urban music landscape. The majority of these have landed on N-Type’s Wheel & Deal label and Benton Beats, a Swamp 81 offshoot imprint he’s been putting out house and breaks-focussed tunes on since 2014.

With an upcoming appearance alongside Benga for Good Life’s 5th Birthday on 9th November, Benton showed us where he’s at musically right now in a new mix. Showcasing an adventurous blend of classic jungle and hardcore with contemporary techno and ravey cuts, this is the sound of Benton in 2018.

Download: Benton FABRICLIVE x Good Life Promo Mix


Friday 9th November

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