Hear Edu Imbernon's eclectic house style

Edu Imbernon is one of electronic music’s most unique DJs. Unlike many other deep house producers, the Valencia artist’s output is heavily influenced by indie, something born from an early interest in the genre. Imbernon’s two labels highlight this crossover interest; on Eklektisch he generally releases straight house and techno, while his Fayer imprint extends its sound palette to artists like Metronomy.

Imbernon champions this style of indie dance ardently whenever he steps up behind the decks, meaning you’re just as likely to hear him dropping Floating Points or Pional as you are the latest Midland record. Before he joins us for Waze & Odyssey’s Street Tracks takeover this Friday, he sent over a mix inspired by the eclectic sounds of his Fayer label.

Download: Edu Imbernon Forms x Street Tracks Promo Mix

Waze & Odyssey: Hi Edu, looking forward to you joining us for our Street Tracks takeover; we booked you twice for The Pagoda Stage at Secret Garden Party and it was amazing!

Edu Imbernon: Thanks for having me, guys. I’m very much looking forward to this one, it’s been a while since I played in Room One!

What makes your perfect night?

Generally a good sound system and a close crowd, that’s usually enough to call it perfect!

If you could take only 3 records with you to space for a year what would they be?

Way Out – Apparat & Ellen Allien
Lovebug – Arthur Oskan
Fine Day (James Holden remix) – Kirsty Hawkshaw

Who's the best resident DJ you recently discovered?

I played in Indonesia two weeks ago, and both resident DJs opening the night were outstanding (both in Jakarta and Bali)! Angga was the DJ in Jakarta, and Wisdy in Bali. I’ve also found that Argentinian DJs know how to do a proper warm-up, I love playing there!

What was the last album you listened to?

Human by Henry Saiz & Band. Masterpiece!

What's the most surreal club experience you’ve had, either as a DJ or clubber?

I’ve played in some odd places, especially in my first years touring 7 or 8 years ago. One time in Manchester 8 years ago a (very drunk) guy jumped over the DJ booth to punch me, I guess he didn’t like my music that much!

When was the light bulb moment that propelled you into doing what you do now?

Well, I got into electronic music thanks to my brothers. They used to listen to compilations such as Renaissance, so I grew up with that kind of sound. At the age of 16 I started playing at raves, and I moved to Berlin when I was 19 to pursue a music career.

Do you cook? If so what is your signature dish? If you don't cook, what's your ideal meal for dinner?

I love cooking. It’s one of my passions along music. I spend a lot of time cooking as I enjoy it as much as making music. I’d say grilled food is what I enjoy the most for dinner time, as it’s also my time to relax after a day in the studio. It’s the whole process that makes it special; preparing the fire, marinating the meat or fish, and enjoying the final result!

What would you be doing if you weren’t a DJ?

As I mentioned, cooking is one of my passions so I would be doing something related to it. Maybe a chef. In fact, one of my upcoming projects is opening a restaurant in my hometown, Valencia.

If you could have written any piece of music what would it be and why?

I would have loved to have produced Tiga’s album Sexor, such a masterpiece!

If you could go back to any era in history what would it be and why!

I’d probably go to 2006-2008, being in my late 20s rather than being 17. I really enjoyed those days musically and party-wise, but I felt too young to get the most out of it.

Friday 20th April

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