Hyperdub For Dummies with Scratcha DVA & Kode9 on Rinse FM

On Rinse FM this month Hyperdub boss Kode9 went through his label’s back catalogue live on air alongside the show’s regular presenter, Scratcha DVA in a ‘Hyperdub for Dummies’ show and what really hits home at the end of the two hour show is just how deep the label’s history is. After humble beginnings as an online magazine, Hyperdub rocketed into the public consciousness thanks largely to the work of Burial that appeared in 2005, but more recently the structure of Kode9’s imprint has changed a touch, morphing to support full length projects from all the corners of his enviable roster.

In between albums from King Midas Sound, Ikonika, Darkstar, Terror Danjah and Kode himself, alongside emcee Spaceape, the label housed landmark singles from Zomby, Joker, Mark Pritchard, 200F & J Kamata, Quarta 330 as well as helping to break newer artists like Kyle Hall, Ossie, Walton, Funkstepz, Cooly G and audio experimenters, Hype Williams. There’s a massive breadth inherent to the label as a whole and here, when you get to listen back to tracks like Darkstar’s emphatic ‘Need You’ and Zomby’s ‘Mu5h’, beats that still sound as relevant in the post-everything quagmire flummox as they did when Hyperdub pressed them up and presented it in the first place, the quality in that breadth really shines through.

Admittedly this podcast is a gloriously timely opportunity for us to be able to introduce Hyperdub to you ahead of the label’s debut dalliance here in Room One this Friday but Kode also sent us a personal outline for how he planned things. So we’ll advise you to download and listen to the ‘Hyperdub for Dummies’ podcast as soon as possible and leave you in Kode’s capable hands...

Download: Hyperdub for Dummies - Scratcha DVA & Kode9 on Rinse FM

“This will be Hyperdub's first takeover of fabric's Room One so I thought we'd make it a proper invasion, with all 10 acts getting a 45 minute slot to keep it lively and fast moving. It's the launch party for Scratcha DVA's first album and he will be playing live for a bit and DJing, all squeezed into this short set. Manchester's Walton will start heating up the system from early, followed by LV who will be test-driving tunes from their amazing new, Kwaito inflected forthcoming album.

“Morgan Zarate also has a forthcoming album this year so I'm excited to hear how he'll get things moving. I also can't wait to hear the world's best UK funky production collectives Funkystepz and Ill Blu play after each other. Terror Danjah will be performing with one of my favourite UK MC's Riko Dan - they have weapons up their sleeve which, right now, only we know about. Ikonika will be injecting some hi-energy into the night for the red-eye crew and I'm looking forward to Ossie ending the night with positive, bumpin' vibes.”

Catch the Hyperdub family in Room One on Friday.

Friday 16th March

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