Illum Sphere - One For Hoya Mix

Hoya:Hoya is a club night and a label. And much like the liege of producers in Room Two this Friday night for the Night Slugs takeover, the Hoya:Hoya residents represent their own movement. Based in Manchester the crew behind it, namely Illum Sphere and Jonny Dub have grown the Hoya concept from an irregular shindig into a semi-regular party and a fully fledged record label having already released two records that have featured contributions from Lone, Ras G and Krystal Klear and in a week or so the crew’s third 12” which features music from Hyperdub’s Ikonika, supple production magnate Om Unit and the attitude swagger of Cardiff’s Monky, will be available from record stores.

Led in spirit by Illum Sphere, an artist whose thick smog like take on atmospheric beat music has scored him vinyl releases on Fat City, Martyn’s 3024 and Tectonic, Hoya’s profile has risen dramatically over the last couple of years with it becoming one of the go to spots for good music in Manchester but they’ve also managed to sculpt a particular kind of allure. Hoya’s a family affair. Their releases are bound (for now) by the rules that you have to have played there for the them to put your music out and having followed their work for some time myself, one gets the impression that it’s just a crew of likeminded friends and associates who enjoy good music and each other’s company.

It’s a recipe they’re bringing to Room Three this Friday, inviting Camden resident Blue Daisy (read our interview with him here) and Eliphino to perform alongside their assembled residents, Illum, Eclair Fifi, Johnny Dub and Jon K. In the name of education and to help channel and express what the musical policy at Hoya is, Illum Sphere has kindly put together a mix he’s titled ‘One For Hoya.’

“I put together this little mix to give people an idea of what to expect from Hoya:Hoya,” he clarifies. “It features some personal favourites, some classics and some tunes the other residents play. We play so much stuff that it was impossible to get that across in half an hour, but hopefully you get the idea...”

Download: Illum Sphere – One For Hoya Mix


1. Unknown- IDM Kids
2. Chelsea Wolfe- Moses
3. De La Soul- Verbal Clap
4. Drexciya- Dehydration
5. Portishead- Machine Gun
6. P-Funk All Stars- Hydraulic Pump
7. Dabrye- Prospects (Marshall Law)
8. Ingram- DJ’s Delight
9. Jonti- Nodlews Way Home
10. Theo Parrish- Stomp Yo Feet (Part 1)
11. Illum Sphere- Promise A Secret
12. Das Ding- H.S.T.A.
13. Lone- Colour
14. Broadcast- You & Me In Time
15. Burial- Wounder
16. Mr Oizo- Rubbers (Flying Lotus Mix)
17. UGK- Take It Off (Slow)
18. Kuedo- Starfox
19. Krampfhaft- Spit Thunder
20. Crimekillz- F.T.W.
21. Count Bass-D- Back Pay/Y.B.A. Square

Photo: Eleanor Marechal

Friday 9th September

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