Introducing Alienata’s fierce electro sound

Alienata’s record collection spans fierce electro, acid and IDM, or as her artist biography describes, a mix of “crazy sounds in general”. While this hard-and-fast style has recently become increasingly favoured by many touring DJs today, it’s an approach that’s formed the backbone to Alienata’s sound since the early 2000s.

It's the kind of thing you'll typically hear her spinning at Killekill, the Berlin-based party where she’s been playing regularly since 2012. Leaving Spain for Berlin in 2011, Alienata formed close ties with the long-running collective soon after arriving in the German capital, helping her become a known name across the city and beyond. These days, Killekill’s night at Berlin club Griessmuehle is just one fixture for her in a jam-packed international touring schedule. She makes her debut with us for Machine next weekend, and so ahead of the date, she sent us a mix reminiscent of her no-holds-barred attitude behind the decks.

Download: Alienata fabric x Machine Promo Mix


Saturday 3rd November

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