Billy Kenny and His Debut FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Hailing from Leeds, fledgling producer Billy Kenny has spent the past few years building support for his future forward and bass heavy aesthetic. Describing his sound as a fusion of 'rough basslines, hard kicks, minimal vocals with obvious garage roots', Billy, who actually currently resides in Germany,  has thus far had his cuts released on acclaimed labels like Dirtybird, Sweat It Out and most recently Food Music where he released his latest flex The Horn Thing just last month. With all the above considered Kenny is certainly seeing his reputation as a talented producer and sonic enthusiast rising on a steep incline.

Set to head to Farringdon for the first time this Friday (15th July) when he joins Justin Martin and co for our official Love Box After Dark party, he's fired over a brand new and exclusive mix so we can get a solid taster of the kind of jams he'll be donning come Friday as well as asking a few of our probing questions along the way.

Download: Billy Kenny - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

For those who may not be acquainted with your sound, can you introduce yourself in 10 words?
Billy Kenny: Rough basslines, hard kicks, minimal vocals with obvious garage roots.

What are you working on at the moment? Any new releases in the works?
I’m in the States at the moment and won’t have much time to work on things over here, but I’ve just finished a remix of Go Freek, an Australian Duo which will be coming out on Insomniac records later this Summer. Also a remix of Left Right which will be coming out on Stanton Warriors’ label Punks Music in August.

How did you first get involved in electronic music?
I’ve got quite a musical family, so I've already grown up around it, but it wasn’t until I left school at 16 that I started getting into making my own music.

And how have you got to where you are now? Who, where or what have you taken inspiration from along the way?
This is my third alias now and I believe it wasn’t until I moved to Germany January 2014 that I really knuckled down and focused entirely on producing. Germany also really helped develop the sound that i’m making now, since it was really new to me at the time. Going out to local clubs playing techno and tech house made my sound a lot more mature in my eyes.

What have been the greatest moments and biggest challenges so far?
Moving to Germany was really hard. I left everything behind and had to learn a new language as well as adapt to a completely different lifestyle. Another is the pressure of keeping the momentum going after a successful release. I often find myself throwing tracks away a day or two deep into producing them because I want to do better.

And you’re spending a lot of time in Ibiza this summer… Can you tell us a bit about that? What are you most looking forward to about being on the island?
Yeah, people can’t believe I’ve never been there even for a holiday prior to this year. I’m so happy I get to come over so frequently this Summer. I’ve got three dates at Pacha with a pre-party at Mambo’s per show and i’m also at Ibiza Rocks for What Hannah Wants with a pre-party at Pikes.

And finally could you introduce the mix you’ve recorded for us – how did you go about the track selection and record it?
There’s just a bunch of things I’ve been supporting a lot recently, some unreleased work from myself and others as well as some people may have heard already.

Friday 15th July

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