Introducing French house prodigy, Folamour

France has spawned many talented young house producers in recent years, but none have made as much of a splash as Folamour. Founder of the label FHUO, Bruno Boumendil’s modern sound has taken in many influences, drawing from funk, jazz and his love of Japanese culture.

Much of the attention circulating the Lyon producer has been for his recent run of edits and remixes – a perfect example of this is his inclusion of his own Nightmares On Wax retouch in his mix for us. Throughout the mix he pulls together the type of funk and soul he’s become known for, the perfect precursor to his debut at Forms next weekend.

Download: Folamour Forms x Stevie Wonderland Promo Mix

Is there a theme to the mix?

No, there’s not. I usually record my mixes spontaneously with some of my favourites, and the records I currently have in my bag.

What type of tracks did you include?

Some world music, I’m really into African and south American music lately, jazz and some house tunes. Only tracks with a story, with something to tell!

Where do you typically find the music you play?

I find stuff wherever I can! That can be on YouTube, at record-shops, listening to mixtapes, on Discogs... I don't limit myself.

You’ve recently caused a stir online with some of your free edits – can you describe the idea behind starting them?

It's something I started years ago and that makes sense even more now. The idea was to share one song that has a deep meaning to me, representing a memory or era of my life. A few months ago something happened with the song Ella, Elle L’a and I decided to do it right away and give it to the people. I was amazed by the feedback and the vibe from playing it in my sets. More recently it happened again with a beautiful French song called Visa Pour Aimer, and I’ll surely do more in the future if the right song comes along.

What can we expect from you release-wise in the coming months?

I just finished my second album but it won't come before early 2019. Before that, some remixes I made recently and a track on a new compilation but my focus is on my next long format.

This will be the first time you’ve joined us at fabric, is there anything you’re expecting from coming to play here?

I’m really excited to play at fabric for the very first time. I don't expect much more than a great atmosphere and an open-minded crowd! Can't wait for it.

Friday 21st September

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