Introducing Parisian deep house favourite, Lazare Hoche

“Deep house” is often used loosely these days, but for Parisian DJ and producer Charlie “Lazare Hoche” Naffah this is probably the best way of describing his music. Since 2012 he’s been releasing records that strike a considered balance between groovy and understated, mostly via his eponymous label Lazare Hoche and as part of his acclaimed joint project Mandar. Though this is the same winning formula that’s attracted many to Naffah’s DJing, one of his ace serves is his versatility behind the decks. He showed us this on his mix recorded for his appearance at Solo Danza on Bank Holiday Sunday, where hints of soul and melody collide with his usual form.

Download: Lazare Hoche Solo Danza Promo Mix


Sunday 26th August

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