Introducing Percolate stalwarts, Krywald & Farrer

Jack Farrer and Edward Krywald-Sanders had never linked officially until they started their own residency. In 2012 they were united through Percolate, the brainchild of Fred Letts and Simon Denby described by the duo as an “unpretentious party where having fun is the main focus”.

This ethos is probably what’s made Percolate one of London’s best parties, and it helps that its residents approach their music with the same attitude: Krywald & Farrer never have a set formula to their DJ sets, but usually you can expect to hear a mix of contemporary, party-inclined house via exotic soul and disco.

It’s a style you’ll hear clearly on their white label series Persies, where each of their sought-after edits add a modern flair to beloved records from the past. They also head on a similar route on their mix for us, delivered ahead of Percolate’s Andromeda54 takeover coming to Farringdon this Halloween.

Download: Krywald & Farrer fabric x Percolate Promo Mix

Is there a theme to the mix?

We wanted to go with something we felt fitted with our experiences at fabric. We’ve been attending for over 10 years now. Can’t remember some of the earlier years to be fair…

From where did you source the records?

All over the place. There are 27 tracks in this mix – some new things from friends, something forthcoming on our new Repsies label by Lance D, and some older stuff dating back to the 90s and 00s.

Do you remember how you first linked with Percolate?

Ed [Krywald] is an old friend of Fred, the father of Percolate, and he started playing the early parties. We had played together at a few after parties so we tended to play together whenever a Percolate rolled around, and it stuck. It’s been six years now.

London is a notoriously competitive environment for parties – what do you think is the main reason for Percolate’s success?

It started off with amazing support from friends in the early days. Fred and Simon [Percolate founders] did a great job quickly growing the party from there, holding down an unpretentious party vibe where having fun is the main focus. The party landscape in London definitely feels like it’s changed a lot since Percolate started – but it’s a case of adapting, trying to think outside of the box and continuing to book artists you believe in.

What do you think you’ve learned about DJing from having your own residency?

It’s certainly shaped us as DJs. We would often sandwich the night playing the start and the end, so we’d be in attendance the whole way through. Learning how a night develops and grows helped us work out how to warm up and close, while watching DJs you admire smash out their thing set the bar of where the top was. All of this kind of offered the opportunity to spot what we liked and what we wanted to achieve.

You’re no doubt familiar with our three rooms – can you give us some insight into how Percolate be adding their touch to the space?

We’re excited to party in Room Three again – it has been a while. The first Percolate Andromeda54 party back in 2016 had some incredible immersive production and people really took it to the next level with their costumes, so we’re expecting more of the same. Wheeling out a huge disco ball and adding a few special touches to go with fabric’s rather crazy lighting is what we’ve heard... it’s going to get cosmic.

Krywald & Farrer play Percolate's Andromeda54 takeover on 27th October.
Tickets available here.


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