Introducing rising dub house producer, Lindsey Matthews

Lindsey Matthews first cut her teeth behind the decks in London and Ibiza, two regions known as bastions for the cream of electronic music. Diving in at the deep end in two clubbing meccas like this will help anyone learn the craft quickly, and after a string of regular dates at places like Sankeys Ibiza, by now she’s a known name in both areas. Over the last few years she’s honed a sound drawing from strains of tech house, minimal and dub techno, a style that can be heard first-hand in her understated productions. Matthews is currently busy in the studio during a stint residing on the White Isle, but as her next visit to the capital is for a stop-off at Forms next weekend, we got in touch to introduce her via a mix and interview. When we spoke to her, she told us more about her musical relationship with London and Ibiza, accompanied by a session of the same dancefloor-driven house energy we know her for.

Download: Lindsey Matthews Forms Promo Mix

So what have you been up to recently?

April was a busy month for me with gigs and relocating from London to Ibiza. I’ve been focusing more on my production since moving – exploring a lot of different genres and working on my unique sound. I’m feeling very inspired at the moment, and the White Isle really does feel like home.

Is there a theme to the mix?

For me it has to be all about the 128BPM vibes. It’s pretty mellow and minimal, but also has a balance of highs and lows throughout. Taking people on a journey is always important to me when recording a mix. Having that steady smooth start, main peak and a bouncy drop, then onto something memorable and different to finish. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Where did you source the records from?

A few records used in this mix are unreleased from myself, One Over & Rossi. I’ve included Black Science Orchestra’s New Jersey Deep, which brings back a lot of memories as it was one of the first house records I ever bought. There’s a lot of fresh music in there from some of my favourites producers at the moment.

Your sound takes in influences of tech house and dub techno – where has this taste developed from?

I’m very inspired by dub and the Romanian style of house. I’ve managed to find my own unique sound that fits nicely between tech house and minimal. I’m having a lot of fun playing around 128-130BPM at the moment, and including various old school acapellas throughout my DJ sets. There are many artists that I turn to for inspiration, ranging from Midland to Cristi Cons to Kenny Dope.

We’ve seen you playing across London over the last few years – can you tell us about your musical relationship with the city?

London is one of my favourite cities in the world. Over the past few years London has opened my mind to a whole new level of underground music. Being located in East London meant that I was always around that creativity of art and fresh music. I’ve been to some of the best intimate parties in London, vinyl only DJ sets with a small capacity. It will always hold a magical place in my heart.

You’ve also been a regular in Ibiza – how has playing over there shaped you as an artist?

I’ve done many seasons in Ibiza, following the music scene and listening to the sound develop on the island over the past five years. It’s helped me be open to a lot more genres depending on the location, club or set time.

What else are you up to in the near future?

I have some new music coming out on some wicked labels this year which I’m really excited about. I also have another piece of news coming which I’m still pinching myself over, I’m looking forward to revealing that soon.

Friday 17th May

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