Introducing rising house duo, Harrison BDP & Adryiano

This Friday, Harrison BDP and Adryiano make their Farringdon debut at One Night Stand’s Forms takeover. The pair prepare for a head-to-head in Room One, with Karizma, Laurence Guy and Michael James all flanking. Having shared the booth together a few times recently, both artists play on their differences in sound and style, fusing their influences from Germany and the UK. Approaching their lifestyles in totally different ways, they’ve found the balance of juggling the stresses of touring across the world, all whilst avoiding taking themselves too seriously at the same time. Ahead of joining us in a few days’ time, the duo sent us two quickfire mix sessions warming up for the weekend, before telling us more about their pre-gig rituals, going toe-to-toe behind the decks, and how things are going for them lately.

Download: Harrison BDP Forms Promo Mix

Download: Adryiano Forms Promo Mix

How do you feel about going back-to-back with us?

Harrison BDP: Hyped! Especially after our last back-to-back in Brussels, which was tons of fun. It’s always interesting to play with someone who plays a slightly different style or sound to yourself. It makes you work a bit more for the mix, which is more rewarding and also more interesting as you don’t know where the direction the night is going to go.

Adryiano: I totally agree. We’ve already been playing a few shows together and realised that it works pretty well. It’s always super fun and challenging at the same time to see what the other one’s about to come up with next. Pretty much looking forward to this one with this charming lad.

What’s your standard ritual before you arrive at the club?

Harrison BDP: Pub. Wherever I am in the world I always like to get a feel for the place, that usually means finding a drinker and getting a little bit tipsy, or maybe even flirting with the locals if I’m feeling adventurous. After that I’ll head to the club a little bit earlier to check out the vibe of the place and hang with the promoters for a little bit, then it’s show time baby!

Adryiano: Taking care of Harrison’s drinking habits! Or when touring alone, I set up a shrine with a photo of Harrison’s face on the desk of my hotel room, light three vanilla-scented candles and listen to Mariah Carey.

What do you usually do to kill time at the airport?

Adryiano: I get hungry and try to figure out what to eat until I realise that it’s mostly only overpriced garbage available at the airport. Then I sit down, read a book and listen to some sort of emotional music like Kings of Leon or Bloc Party.

Harrison BDP: Same, always hungry at airports! Nice bit of grub and a couple drinkies does the job every time.

Are you still repping vinyl or full on digital?

Harrison BDP: This mix was 100% vinyl, but I’ve turned slightly more to digital this year. I used to play all vinyl but as bookings became more plentiful I realised that I just don’t have it in me to carry around a heavy bag of vinyl everywhere. I’ve been known to leave my vinyl bag at after parties. I still buy a lot of records though, and thinking about going back to 100% vinyl again, as there’s nothing quite like spinning those plates live and direct.

Adryiano: I used to travel with records. But as more and more venues do not really offer a vinyl-friendly set-up any more, I mostly travel with my gold-plated suitcase with loads of digital format files (sometimes with an extra bunch of records that I haven’t digitalised yet). But of course I’m still buying vinyl. The last records I bought were Reginald Omas Mamode IV – Where We Going? and Various Artists – Elsewhere LVI. Both super good.

What else is coming up for you this year?

Adryiano: I’ve just finished another EP which is dropping later this year, or next year. I also signed a track on a compilation that’s scheduled to come out at the end of 2019. Apart from that, I’ll probably be playing a few solo shows and back-to-backs here and there.

Harrison BDP: I’ve still got a few solo EPs to come this year, and of course lots of shows around this lovely world, lots of them with this lovely man Adryiano hopefully!

Wednesday 30th November

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