Introducing the Sound of Lengoland

In just 10 days Lengoland land in Farringdon, where Bushbaby and friends will be taking over our Room Two space for the entire evening.

Known for being key players in the bassline scene, with the recently renewed interest in the genre the crew has created something of a thriving community over the last year.

As we prepare to host their first full room takeover, we got in touch with them to introduce their bass-rich sound. Starting today with DJ EJ we’ll be featuring a minimix from some of our Lengoland guests, with more to be added here and via our Soundcloud in the lead-up to their Room Two takeover.

Download: DJ EJ FABRICLIVE x Lengoland Minimix

Download: Bushbaby FABRICLIVE x Lengoland Minimix

Download: Ussy FABRICLIVE x Lengoland Minimix


Friday 11th August

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