Javier Carballo shares a bendy house mix for Others Crew

Javier Carballo first emerged from the Canary Islands in the late 2000s, playing a distinctively crisp, stripped-back style of house typically associated with cities like London and Berlin. Taking inspiration from these European hubs, he cut his teeth at Velvet Underground, an intimate venue widely regarded as one of the best clubs in Gran Canaria. Over the last decade he’s put out records for the likes of One Records and Vatos Locos, the result of key relationships established during an extended period living in Berlin. These days, when he’s not in Spain he’s frequently found spinning alongside Hector as part of his Vatos Locos residency at Club der Visionaere, the low-key canal-side spot and epicentre of the city’s minimal scene. He joins the Others Crew in Farringdon this Sunday, so ahead of the date, he sent us a mix filled with the type of bendy house records and tight transitions he’s become renowned for.

Download: Javier Carballo Sundays at fabric x Others Crew Promo Mix


Sunday 31st March

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