John Dimas shares an atmospheric home-listening session

“Minimal house” might be a loose term in 2019, but John Dimas is one of a small pool of artists whose broad scope of influences are helping to keep the sound fresh today. Currently based in Berlin, Dimas has been quietly putting out records for the last decade, drawing from the sounds of classic tech house, UK garage and breaks he first heard during his formative clubbing years in Thessaloniki. In recent years he’s put out killer minimal-inclined house tracks on labels like Raum…musik and Metereze, the kind that could equally cause a storm in Sunwaves’ after hours tent or within the confines of Club der Visionaere’s compact dancefloor. The intimate Berlin spot has had a particularly big impact on Dimas’ pathway – it was through his slow-building, extended hours sets at spaces like this and nearby Watergate that he garnered a reputation as one of the German capital’s most talented selectors. Dimas also runs his own label called Elephant Moon, a hotbed for a wave of rising minimal artists like S.A.M and Christian AB, as well as his own breaks-indebted One Against Time album from last year. On his mix for us recorded in advance of his Room One appearance with Raresh and Bobby. next weekend, Dimas presents a different side to his sound, crossing the kind of slow-burning, atmospheric cuts that doubtless inspire his intricate studio productions. Don’t expect to find any club records though – this is an absorbing home-listening trip from an artist with a clear sense for twisting minds both on and off the dancefloor.

Download: John Dimas fabric Promo Mix


Saturday 6th July

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