June Miller - FABRICLIVE x RAM Mix

With advance tickets for next Friday's Ram session having just sold out (don't fret petal, there'll be plenty available for sale on the door), we wanted to help spread the word and seeing as we've been holding this excellent half hour of power from Ram signing's June Miller for a day or two, we figured that this would be that perfect tool.

The transcontinental June Miller duo, Mark McCann and Bart van Dijk, have been steadily influencing a lot of people on the dancefloor with their unique and varied production repertoire for a while now, but their new material for Ram displays the type of brazen creative scope that belongs on such an auspicious label. Speaking to Ninja Ninja recently the duo remarked that "we have almost secured a dedicated studio" also dropping choice hints about an upcoming long player stating that "we have started discussions between ourselves about an album and we are writing tons of music." So, in reality, this mix couldn't really have come at a more furtive time for June Miller, a fact that's also got us even more excited for their set in Room Two come Valentines Day...

Download: June Miller - FABRICLIVE x RAM Mix


1. Conduct - Cataclyst
2. Phace - The Set Up
3. June Miller - Operation Ivy
4. Noisia - Floating Zero
5. June Miller - Empathy
6. Ed:it - Sound Killer
7. Rat N FrikK - Yes Sensi (Adder Remix)
8. June Miller - From Autumn To Ashes
9. Cause 4 Concern - Outlands (Maztek Remix)
10. Hayato - Traveler
11. Sam Binga feat. Redders - Lef Dem
12. Misanthrop - Deadlock
13. Wilkinson - Too Close (Frankee Remix)
14. Delta Heavy - Turbine
15. Konflict - Messiah
16. Maztek - Sinestesia
17. L33 & Cooh - Rapid Shift
18. Safire & Amoss feat. Gusto - 4t State (Icicle Remix)
19. Halogenix - Maniac


Friday 14th February

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