Justin Robertson - FABRICLIVE x DURRR Mix

Last September we opened our club to the founder of the legendary Trash club night, Erol Alkan and he duly pollinated the rooms with sets from artists as diverse as Gesaffelstein, Canblaster and Jarvis Cocker. It’s safe to say that Alkan’s a man with incredibly mixed taste - one of the main reasons his reputation precedes him in terms of his DJing and his brave fusion of dance music with indie. Under the banner of his Phantasy record label, we’ve asked him to do something similar on 22nd June with Erol hand picking some of his favourite acts to appear alongside him at FABRICLIVE.

Appearing in Room Two for DURRR is Justin Robertson, a producer and DJ who’s managed to find time in his career to rework people like Bjork, Justice, The Mystery Jets, Felix Da Housecat, Erol Alkan and more. Currently creating music under his The Deadstock 33s moniker, a creative outlet that has worked quite closely with Daniel Avery, a fact that you can see weaves the intricate family web that ties together the lineup for the 22nd June that little bit further.

With a penchant for house and techno the Surrey born Robertson has been releasing music since the early 90s, but his tastes extend way further than that. It’s something that’s reflected in his DJ sets and consequently makes itself known in this latest mix that he passed exclusively to us to promote his upcoming appearance.

Download: Justin Robertson - FABRICLIVE x DURRR Mix


1. Kasper Bjork - Bohemian Soul
2. People Get Real - Tamba Dance
3. People Get Real - San Dimas [Monoblok And Pslktr Mix]
4. Jimmy Edgar – Heartkey
5. Eddie Mercury - In Mexico [La Royale Mix]
6. Michael Mayer – Speaker
7. The Deadstock 33'S - Live With Me
8. Walls - Into Our Midst [Capracara Mix]
9. Break 3000 - The Lights
10. The Carry Nation - This Bitch Is Alive
11. Clap Rules - Happyhanomony [The Deadstock 33'S Mix]
12. Daniel Avery And The Deadstock 33'S - Eric Zann Revisited [ The Filthy Dukes Mix]
13. High Powered Boys - The Machine
14. The Deadstock 33'S - Stranger [The Eskimo Twins Mix ]
15. Timothy J Fairplay - Curb Your Dog
16. Aladdin - Mass Confusion [ Botox Instr Mix ]
17. Raiders Of The Lost Arp -Lunar Lander
18. Paul Weller - When Your Gardens Overgrown [The Deadstock 33'S Drone Dub]

Catch Justin in Room Two on 22nd June.

Friday 22nd June

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