Kenny Ken shares a lesson in soundsystem primed DNB

It’s kind of hard to get across just how important Kenny Ken is in the heritage of jungle and sound system culture in the UK. He’s been prolific since the roots of acid house in 98 and has remained at the forefront of of drum & bass’ story ever since. His fiery mixing style and dedication to the scene is what has given him this incredible level of integrity - whether it’s a warehouse, field or our own Pioneer Pro Audio system the respected DJ is able to deliver on style wherever he touches down.

It’s actually a massive coup for us to have landed an exclusive mix from such an influential figure as Kenny Ken. Recorded as he prepares to join us for the Rum’n’Riddim takeover of Room Two for this year’s Carnival Special, the original jungle warrior has perfectly captured the rave fuelled spirit of the weekend.

Download: Kenny Ken FABRICLIVE x Rum’n’Riddim Promo Mix


Friday 26th October

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