Legowelt's fabric Promo Mix

Legowelt, translated literally means ‘world of Lego.’ It’s a suitably obscure and, well, odd moniker for the musical output of Danny Wolfers. Brought up on a diet of Detroit and Chicago techno with further influence coming from the UK’s Aphex twin and Muziq, Wolfer’s music is both made for the dance floor and for heads. Self-described as "slam jack The Hague electronix combined with deep chicago trax, obscure & romantic ghetto technofunk, EuroHorror soundtracks and lots -a- more!" it’s most definitely a product of the wonderful world of synths collected en mass in his remote Dutch forest studio setting.

Legowelt primarily saw releases start to flow on acclaimed native label Bunker Records, with the turning point of his recording career coming when Germany’s highly regarded Groove Magazine declared ‘Disco Rout’ their track of the year. Ghostly and Cocoon immediately jumped to license the track breaking the Legowelt sound to a whole new fan base at the beginning of the millennium.

He’s also known for self releasing his work like in his ‘Smakos’ project and also his latest album ‘The Teac Life’ which you can download from his website here. It’s worth checking out his website besides the lure of this fantastic release though; it’s a treasure trove of 8 bit art and a general cave of online oddities as well as of course being the primary source for Legowelt news. You can regularly find him playing live in his home town of The Hague or on tour with collaborators Orgue Electronique and of course as himself, Legowelt regular to underground parties for analogue fans.

The most recent Legowelt release is courtesy of Clone Records, our Room Two hosts for the last Saturday of this month. They’ve had a blinding year so far and are set for new heights as they ready releases from Hemlock boss, Untold, ‘man of the moment,’ Blawan, and the new album from Dexter - who is currently riding on acclaim for his bass music influenced EP that hit the shops this summer. Dexter will be joining Legowelt in playing live on the night with Clone founder Serge and Blawan on DJ duty.

To feed the anticipation for this impeccable programming, Legowelt has given us a brand new mix which you can listen to below.

DOWNLOAD: Legowelt - fabric Promo Mix


Saturday 29th October

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