Listen to a contemporary house mix from Waze & Odyssey

Few house artists strike a chord with as many audiences as Waze & Odyssey. Firas Waez and Serge Santiágo have played to more varied crowds than most through their career, regularly appearing at spots like Panorama Bar in between bigger club and festival sets.

The London duo’s broad appeal can probably be explained by their sunny production style. Characterised by nostalgic house hooks and carefree vocal snippets, it’s the type of music that conjures up thoughts of sunsets in Ibiza. Since 2013 the majority of this has come out on W&O Street Tracks, their label that’s also home to young guns like Ejeca and No Regular Play.

Next weekend they bring their label to RM1 for a full Forms takeover, so they sent over a mix crossing classic electro and contemporary house in anticipation.

Download: Waze & Odyssey Forms x Street Tracks Promo Mix


Smoke & Mirrors – Jordan [Extended Play]
Lets Dance – Aux 88 [430 West]
Lights – Iron Curtis [Hudd Traxx]
Room 202 – DIY 1990 [Lobster Theremin]
Wristwatch (You Know The Time) – Babylon Barsebäck [Tomahawk]
Swipe Right – Lord Leopard [Unreleased]
Hang On – Yani
Rhythm 2 (Power Snap Mix) – WK7 [Power House]
Karma – Will Easton [W&O Street Tracks]

What have you been up to recently?

Right now we're boarding a flight from Munich to London, having been at Snowbombing the last few days getting stuck into slopes and schnitzel. We played back-to-back with our mate Monki in an igloo high up in a mountain late at night, and we did one with Melé in an Austrian butchers which was unreal. Otherwise, we've written lots of music recently, we're working hard on the label and gigging all over the world from New York to Newcastle.

From where did you source most of the records in your mix?

Record shops! We've never really stopped buying them, but it's certainly been great to go back and focus just on crate digging recently. There’s a real quality there!

Your sound has taken you to venues both intimate and bigger scale. How do you plan on preparing to play in Room One?

It’s been an interesting journey, we started in small rooms then progressed up to large events and rooms, and that’s when you have to switch up your sound. It also made us think differently about our productions. We prefer to play for the moment; we’ll have a load of different records to reflect a load of different moods and moments next weekend. We do love a small room as much as we love a big club room though. The last time we played Room One was with Juju & Jordash and George Fitzgerald, and we are looking forward to returning.

Can you talk more about the line-up joining you on the night?

We've been big fans of Marco Faraone’s for a while - his style of tougher dance music has been a staple in our sets, so looking forward to seeing him play. Edu played for us twice at Secret Garden Party, and we were blown away. We first came across him at a party in Barcelona at Off Week, and he really stole the show. Bontan has also caught our attention recently, he’s been delivering some interesting music of late that we have been playing.

It’s been a great start to the year for Street Tracks so far, what plans do you have looking forward?

It has! We kicked off the year with our All Of Us release that went down really well; then we had a monster Will Easton release, which went worldwide and has captured the attention of such a wide cross section of DJs. We have been blown away. Currently we have Krywald & Farrer's EP on promo, which has been getting rave reviews from the likes of Jackmaster and Alan Fitzpatrick. We have plenty more lined up too as we reach 50 releases this year!

Friday 20th April

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