Listen to Luke Slater bringing high drama to Room Two

For the last 25 years, Luke Slater has been a master in sound design. Throughout his career he’s operated under several different guises, with an extensive back catalogue that’s widely regarded as one of techno’s greatest.

He started out in the early 90s releasing seminal works on labels like Peacefrog, and in 2006 he started putting out music via his own label Mote Evolver, yet his output hasn’t slowed down since then: the best example of this is probably last year’s killer Arc Angel LP he released as Planetary Assault Systems via Ostgut Ton.

Slater is equally lauded as a DJ. Through our history he’s become something of a Farringdon staple, and his clinical precision has helped make his Room Two sets highly anticipated among the techno contingent of our family.

He reminded us why he’s become so integral to our space at his last appearance with us. Following on from Terry Francis and Black Asteroid’s bewildering live show, Slater stepped up to close out the room with a dramatic and transcendent 3-hour closing.

As we invite him to return to his adopted Room Two home this coming Saturday, we uncovered the recording from last year in anticipation.

Luke Slater Recorded Live at fabric 11/06/2016


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