Listen to two hours of Priku recorded live at Sunwaves

Nowadays Bucharest is famously considered a hotbed for electronic music, but the scene operated on a far smaller scale when Adrian Niculae first cut his teeth. Emerging at a time when [a:rpia:r] were first gaining recognition across Europe, Niculae got his break signing to the esteemed Sunrise roster in 2007, joining a squad of talented young artists that like their house and techno stripped-back to its core.

Niculae’s spent the last decade as part of Sunrise, and in that time he’s become one of Romania’s most respected electronic artists. His music has landed on labels like All Inn Black, Eastenderz and [a:rpia:r], as well as on Rhadoo’s edition to our mix series, fabric 72. Many of his most recent records can also be found on his labels Motif and Atipic, an alias he also uses to perform live.

Like many of Romania’s best artists, Niculae remains relatively elusive in spite of his success – if you want to know more about him, usually you have to go and see him live. He’s made an exception for us ahead of his appearance in Room Two on 29th September, offering up a rare recording from his set at Sunwaves this summer. Recorded on the Sunday night towards the end of the weekend, it’s an understated two-hour mix with all the class you’d expect from a master of the so-called "Romanian sound".

Download: Priku Recorded live at Sunwaves 19/08/2018


Saturday 29th September

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