Maelstrom Guides Us Through the Depths of Techno and Electro

Maelstrom is a French techno artist with over 15 years of experience. He might only just be putting out his debut album, but he’s long been recognised for his distinctive productions. Early in his career he was signed by The Hacker to his label Zone, as well as the French Bromance imprint. More recently, meanwhile, he’s released on Veronica Vasicka's Cititrax and put out music on the RAAR label he set up alongside Louisahhh.

As you might imagine for someone with such a history, Maelstrom’s sound regularly sees him crossing the borders between techno and electro. As the mix he’s dropped for us reveals, this is something he’s particularly well versed in. Taking in the likes of DMX Krew and British Murder Boys alongside the more contemporary Sleeparchive and Ancient Methods, Maelstrom demonstrates an adept knowledge spanning the entire length of techno and electro history. With his forthcoming Room Two appearance for his label showcase coming in just two weeks, it’s got us more than prepped for an introduction to RAAR’s sound.

Download: Maelstrom fabric x RAAR Promo Mix

Track list

Hurry (Lurka Remix) – Maelstrom & Louisahhh
Never Been To Bristol – MMT8
I Do Because I Couldn’t Care Less – I-F
Rubout – DMX Krew
Black Sea – Drexciya
In Yo Face – Detroit In Effect
Bleeding Diodes – Sync24 & Morphology
Sampler 2 – Silent Servant
Sterac - Untitled V1 – Sterac
Evicted – Sleeparchive
Like 6-3 – Like A Tim
Learn Your Lesson – British Murder Boys
Age Of Iron – Ancient Methods & Orphx
London Isn’t England (feat Ewa Justka) – Manni Dee
Untitled (Live) – Lost Echoes

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