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With festival season already under way, it’s not just the crazy weekenders and beach/boat parties which we are looking forward to but rightfully so the pre and after parties also hold a special place in our calendars and Facebook photo albums. One in particular, is the upcoming Stop Making Sense Festival pre-launch which takes over Room 3 on 18th June. Spinning records on the night and giving us a teeny taster of what to expect when the very best from the full spectrum of dance and electronic music embark on Petrčane, Croatia 12th to 14th August, will be Marcus Worgull, alongside Ibadan Records’ main man Jerome Sydenham and Don’t Panic’s Nick Agha.

Not that we need an excuse to talk with one of Germany’s finest Deep House exports but after realising that Marcus Worgull has already headed up several of our Saturday night lineups, and we were yet to speak with him, we decided now if ever would be a good time to catch up and find out what’s going on in the Innervisions’ maestro’s world. Having had a longstanding career as a DJ and Producer, glittered with a back catalogue of few but seminal pieces of music treasured by house aficionados, we also though it was only appropriate we asked him to deliver a guest mix which he much obliged.

DOWNLOAD: Marcus Worgull - Stop Making Sense at fabric Mix

To begin with, we can’t believe that you’ve played within our club’s walls on several occasions before, getting our house heads into quite a frenzy, but this is the first time we get to have a chat! How are you?
All good over here - happy to hear that some people liked what I did the last couple of times I played.

What have you been up to since your last visit here?
I think the last gig at fabric was about a year ago? Since then, a lot of things have happened. During that time, I finally moved to Cologne, I have a little studio now in our lovely apartment and making a lot more music than before. I'm also more involved in our record store Groove Attack, as I'm now living in the same city. I’m also touring as a DJ a lot....I’ve only have one weekend off in 2011 so far!

You mentioned Groove Attack which you also run, and is where we heard ironically, you first started buying records from - how do you balance your work there whilst also DJing?
I'm in the record store around 2 days per week, the other days are spent in the studio and Djing, and of course with my 15-year-old son Ole and my girlfriend and her daughter.

The sounds promoted from Groove Attack are mainly hip hop and drum and bass, quite different styles to the deep house you’re known for producing and playing out, are you ever tempted to meddle in these genres too?
The basis of our record store is Hip Hop, that's true, based on the fact that this has been the root of this store when it was opened in 1991. But beside this we also have a lot of other music, like all the electronic 4/4-floor stuff, which I also like, as well as Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, 70s and 80s stuff, Dubstep, Reggae and also Drum & Bass.

Back to house, which we all associate you with - was there one record in particular that made you fall in love with it?
Mmm, that's not easy to say. My love for house and techno hasn't been from its beginning. When a lot of my friends were going to parties at the beginning of the house and techno scenes in Germany, I was more into Reggae and Dub club nights, so I discovered it comparatively late.
I finally got into it with the trademark Mark Kinchen sound, although without knowing that it was MK at that time.

Is there a record today that reminds you of why you’re involved in that sound?
I remember being at the mighty Beatbox in my hometown Wuppertal, a very small nightclub where all styles have been played, from Jazz to Hip Hop to Breakbeat to Reggae and where people like Kruder & Dorfmeister, Gilles Peterson, Gang Starr or Pete Rock had their first foreign gigs. It was very late in the night and suddenly ‘The Bomb’ by The Bucketheads was dropped – it was this track that made me finally go to a special House store the following Monday morning.

You’re playing at Stop Makin Sense festival in august, what is it about the festival in particular that appeals to you?
From what I heard about it last year’s was really good and this year they have good line-up too. I was booked to play there last year but at the last minute couldn’t make it which is why this year I’m even more excited . I would have been back from a 2 week holiday with my family one day before the festival, so I’ll be ready for it, in a well-levelled relaxed mood!

What can we expect when you join us on 18th June for the SMS Festival Pre Launch?
A good and grooving DJ set, with I hope a happy crowd in Room 3!

Saturday 18th June

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