Margaret Dygas's fabric 12th Birthday Promo Mix

By now you may well have noticed the unveiling of our12th birthday lineup. Set across three days in October (21st-23rd) it’s a celebration of everything and everyone that helps make fabric what it is. The Saturday night of our 12th Birthday weekend will spill over into Sunday and beyond, carrying on long into the jowls of the working week. Ever since we first did an extended hours party back in January of 2010 - after we successfully kept the front doors open for over 24 hours to see in our 10th anniversary the October before - we’ve been working hard to streamline and shape the ‘On’ events; learning a lot from each experience. And now that the plans of attack are in order - our soundsystems have been stretched and pre-heated, bars stocked, our floors have been buffed and re-buffed - we’re ready to announce the acts that we hope you’ll be join us in dancing to for a couple of days straight.

Our resident and musical director Craig Richards will be marking his special relationship with Room One and his latest contribution to our ongoing CD series, fabric 58: The Nothing Special, alongside a re-invigorated Terry Francis, whose recent sets have really confirmed his love of jacking rhythms and cemented our love of him as a DJ, and an array of guests hailing from far and wide. So, over the Saturday and Sunday, Ricardo Villalobos and Moodymann will tread the same boards as Pearson Sound and Space Dimension Controller; Maya Jane Coles and Soul Clap will grace the same postcode as Ben Klock, Margaret Dygas, Lee Foss, Rhadoo and the extra abundance of talented DJs and producers whose contributions to the soundtrack of our venue over the last year have left an indelible mark, as much on the staff as the building itself.

Margaret Dygas is no stranger to extended hours clubbing. Notoriously pushing the limits with 20 hour solo DJ sets she has taken herself and clubbers on epic musical odysseys. Originally from Poland, Dygas has New York to thank for discovering club music before she headed to London at the end of the millennium to begin her DJ career - it wasn’t until her move to Berlin that Dygas took her personal plunge into production.

Her new home, and new found production practice has lead her to release on two of the German city’s most revered labels, Perlon and Ostgot Ton, making a firm name for herself as producer. The releases have brought out Dygas’ penchant for deep house and techno, that’s anchored in solid dub grooves. She’s found her edge through avant-garde vocal samples and percussive flare, a thoughtful extension of the sound she’s embellished across the world as a DJ.

There’s no better way to kick off proceedings in the run up to us turning 12 on our blog than with this exclusive mix from Dygas, something she recorded with On & On… & On very much at the forefront of her mind.

DOWNLOAD: Margaret Dygas's fabric 12th Birthday Promo Mix


Saturday 22nd October

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