Marquis Hawkes - FABRICLIVE x Lean Left Mix

Something of an enigma, Marquis Hawkes is one of those artists who doesn’t really ever feel the need to prefix his work with anything in particular. His records, the latest of which you’ll find housed on the equally as direct Dixon Avenue Basement Jams label, are stompers – pure and simple. Made with what feels like a glowing nightclub education, his tracks really sparkle within the close confines of a dark and subby dancefloor; something we’re hoping his set will do when he joins Tayo, Kevin McPhee and Mr Beatnick in the Lean Left Room Three takeover on Friday night.

Ahead of the set he made a mixtape that showcases the types of styles he’ll be reaching for once he’s set and amongst such sterling company to kick start the weekend here in Farringdon...

Download: Marquis Hawkes - FABRICLIVE x Lean Left Mix

Catch Marquis Hawkes in Room Three on Friday night.

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