Matteo Manzini Presents His WetYourSelf! Promo Mix

Known to us primarily for helming another of London's off kilter Sunday night parties, Damaged, Matteo Manzini is well versed in laying down the perfect selections for those wanting to get in one last dance before the working week commences. It's pretty apt then that WetYourSelf! have invited him to spin in just over a week's time and to honour the booking Manzini has recorded an exclusive mix for the WYS! crew which he introduces in his own words here:

"I don't record many podcasts because I'm never able to take them with a light heart. I mean, I really envy DJs saying 'oh it was a very spontaneous process, I just switched my equipment on and selected few records one after the other one while recording'. Maybe I'm not skilled or confident enough, or maybe I just over think every output made for going public and be exposed to my friends' ears and possibly to a wider audience."

"Also, there are many great podcasts available online nowadays, everyone is very competitive in terms of music choices and in terms of mixing skills and this forces you (me in this case) to manage things even more seriously. It took me at least a couple of days for deciding which tracks to be put inside, I made a sort of two level selection for going down to twenty ish, then another day or maybe two for trying them and finding a logical order I could be happy with."

"I decided, as I normally do even for my gigs, to respect the original media support, so what was in digital has been played through two CDJs and what was on vinyl through two decks, no ripping, no warping and no dubplates. All the tracks are released and available. I'm listening to the final result while writing this short description and I'm happy with it. All the tracks represent me at the time of recording (26/12/2015) and all the transitions are faithful to my current mixing skills, few mistakes included."


Sunday 17th January

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