Matthias Tanzmann - Sling Shot

Matthias Tanzmann, seasoned producer and DJ on the German house scene, is set to take over Room One Saturday after next with his current highly experimental strain of tech house. Ahead of his fabric touchdown, he’s kindly sent us a free download of previously unreleased track ‘Sling Shot’ for blog readers’ perusal. The track hails from a soon to be released compilation and mix celebrating 10 years of Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour label; the first CD featuring all new material from the likes of Chris Lattner, Dan Drastic and Martinez the release also features a retrospective mix of past releases on the imprint mixed by the label boss himself.

‘Sling Shot’ is a track steeped in groove, with all of the dance-floor friendly traits characteristic to Tanzmann’s production. With hollow drums, deep organ notes and reverberating synths, there is a profound sense of warmth to the track that sets it apart as a truly interesting piece of music. The question and answer rhythm of the beat’s core and its syncopated, echoed reply adds an air of communication to the distant vocal sample. Essentially, it’s well worth a listen and well worth a trip to our Farringdon nightspot to see Tanzmann show us just how they do on the continent.

Stream: Matthias Tanzmann - Sling Shot

Catch Matthias in Room One alongside Craig Richards, Louis Guilhelm and 20:20 Soundsystem - who are performing live - on the 20th November.

Saturday 20th November

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