Mefjus - FABRICLIVE x Critical Sound Mix

As far as reliable barometers in drum & bass go, Kasra’s Critical imprint is right up there. I know we say it every time we introduce a new producer here but it’s true and that’s totally what makes working alongside his label such an interesting prospect, because he’s got a real ear for bringing people through. The latest producer he’s helped flag for us the Austrian, Mefjus, a guy who’s already seen releases on Neosignal’s digital label arm, Neodigital, Disturbed and Trust In Music. With a warm and intricate kind of techy oulook he’s making his first appearance in Farringdon to help celebrate 10 years of Critical by going back to back with Emperor.

To better introduce Mefjus we shot him some getting to know you type questions and asked him to put together mix that would show people who might not yet have heard of him what he’s all about. He delivered his ‘Super Tight N Short Minimix’ a couple of days later.

Download: Mefjus – FABRICLIVE x Critical Sound Mix

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Can you introduce yourself for those people who maybe haven’t heard of
you or your music before?

My name is Martin, aka MEFJUS. I am 23 years old, from Linz in Upper-Austria and I’ve been producing music for 7 years now.

What got you interested in making music in the first place?
I started to produce hip hop instrumentals for my brother’s band when I was 16. I used to listen to Gang Starr (Premier's Beats), Wu-Tang-Clan and some German hip hop bands a lot, which were my influences to start producing music on my own.

What got you hooked on drum & bass?
It was around '05 when I heard Noisia's Block Control EP and when Phace had a couple of releases on Subtitles. I think those releases were for me what ‘Wormhole’ was for the dnb-generation before me…

You’ve released on certain other labels but you’re currently working closely with Kasra’s Critical imprint. What drew you to Critical?
I've been buying Critical tunes for like 3 years now and I’m totally feeling their output. After I released two tracks on Neosignals digital imprint Neodigital I got connected with Kasra. We shared a couple of tunes, and he set up a connection to Enei. Right now I am doing a collaboration with Enei and I did a remix of Kasra & Enei’s ‘So Real’, which will be released on Critical.

What are you working on project wise?
I've an EP forthcoming on Trust in Music on 10th September, 2 tracks on Chris Renegade's Breed12Inches, including the tune ‘Struggle & Pain’ that I did with M-Force and Maksim which has got heavy rotation from Alix Perez recently. There’s a remix I did of Optiv & BTK’s ‘Whatever’, forthcoming on BTK's label Dutty Audio and there are tons of collaborations with artists like L33, Neonlight, Jade, Dementia, Inside Info which need to be finished asap. And of course the two bits for Critical I mentioned above.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix you put together for us?
It's a collection of my forthcoming stuff, tunes I just bounced to get them ready super-exclusively for this mix, plus some unsigned tracks from production-buddies and just a couple of tunes I’m really feeling at the moment.

Catch Mefjus going back to back with Emperor in Room Two on Friday 17th August.

Friday 17th August

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