OH91Takes On Grime At Breakneck Speed In His New Promo Mix

Fledgling grime producer 0H91 (aka Omari Champagnie) has been building up his profile in the scene with his deployment of speedy blends and party-minded selections for a fair while now. Picked up by the Coyote Records camp - the London imprint which has been debuting talents Last Japan and Chemist - the superlative beat-maker has released a string of material as part of the growing bed of output be's compiled since he made his debut with the high octane twelve Stealth back in 2013, going on to land a remix of Rapid's Xtra on Coyote's limited edition debut white label.

An intrinsic part of the acclaimed collective, it felt appropriate for him to join fellow comrades Tarquin, Silk Road Assassins and Last Japan in Room Two when Coyote present the breadth of their label alongside UNiiQU3, Riz La Teef, Amy Becker and Capo Lee on June 3rd. In fact, the upcoming event will also be Omari's official Farringdon debut so in our typical fashion on the blog, we asked if he would offer up and exclusive mix to give us an indication of what's in store in just over a week's time...

Download: OH91 FABRICLIVE x Coyote Records Mix


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