Paleman - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Getting the seal of approval from a figurehead like Swamp81 and School Records boss, Loefah, can go a long way in an environment where a lot of people are actually doing the same thing and making music that draws from the same, very specific pool of influences. Simple fact, having a torchbearer like him stake his formative reputation on an artist means that people who follow him are more likely to listen and him going one step further and actually investing in that artist, putting out their music is pretty much the ultimate compliment.

Step forward then Paleman, a Manchester based producer who’s just put out his debut 12” on School after a release on Damu’s Fulcrum label and a Swamp81 sanctioned two sided collaboration with Zed Bias. As a double shot of hard, gritty 4x4, the Half Out/Chapel release outlines Paleman’s soundsystem testing, power kick drum technique quite neatly and that directness he displays is partly the reason we asked him to put together a mix of tracks ahead of his appearance in the Urban Nerds hosted Room Two this Friday…

Download: Paleman - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix


Sweatshop Boys - Wide World (Mosca Deep Dub)
Goldffinch - Black Pyramid
Mak and Pasteman - Dither
Trikk - Naked
Pris - Pencil Pusher
Sly One- Warm Red
Dusky - Truth Capital T
Legwerk - Life is Shower (Dubspeeka Remix)
Paleman - Handy Clue
Mala - Noche Suenos (Zed Bias Remix)
Klose One and Trigga

Catch Paleman DJing in the Urban Nerds hosted Room Two tomorrow night.

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